The Most French Way to Wear Your Jeans Is These 5 Outfits

As 2021 is all about lengthy-long lasting items for our wardrobes, it would make perception to convert to the most timeless and quintessentially Parisian outfit that can be worn yr-round: jeans.

These trousers are one of a Parisian’s wardrobe necessities and the item I’ve invested in most due to the fact I moved to Paris. The French don’t really do “dressing up,” and Parisians are normally kinds to pick consolation and practicality (captivating practicality, that is) around limiting or gaudy going-out outfits that are neither alluring nor effortless. It’s the essential seem for most French gals I know, so here’s my roundup of a couple of my favorite denim formulas I have arrive to count upon…

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