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Today I am sharing how to make some painted handle cutting boards. You can actually paint the handle of any cutting board to give it a little something extra. These make great decor in your kitchen so be sure to pick colors that work in your space. I love these rustic beauties in my farmhouse kitchen.

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Make these painted handle cutting boards for your farmhouse kitchen! This easy project will make your bread boards and cutting boards look so great and ready for display! #kitchen #paint #painting #diy #crafts #farmhouse #farmhousestyle

Supplies needed to make painted handle cutting boards:

  • Cutting boards or breadboards (look for one with a handle) (Please note the ones I am using are unfinished but you can pick up a finished one and do the same project.)
  • Paint (I am using the Americana Decor Matte Metallics but any paint you love will work.)
  • Painter’s Tape (my favorite is Frog Tape)
  • Stain (if your board is not finished)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Rag
supplies for painting the handles of cutting boards

How to Paint the Handles of Cutting Boards

So, now that you have your cutting boards, it is time to paint those handles. Be sure to start with cutting boards that are clean and dry. You will also want to use a good quality paint that works on wood. Now let’s make some painted handle cutting boards.

painted handle cutting boards

Making Cutting Board with Painted Handles

Have you ever wanted to add a little something special to your cutting board? Well, now you can with this idea for painting the handles.

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Author: Angie Holden


  • Cutting boards or breadboards look for one with a handle (Please note the ones I am using are unfinished but you can pick up a finished one and do the same project.)
  • Paint I am using the Americana Decor Matte Metallics but any paint you love will work.
  • Painter’s Tape my favorite is Frog Tape
  • Stain if your board is not finished
  • Paintbrushes
  • Rag


  • Start by using painter’s tape to mask off the handle area. Remember that paint is not food-safe so you want to keep this in an area that will not touch food.

    masking tape on a wood cutting board
  • You can then paint the handles in the color of your choice. Depending on the paint you are using, this may take a few coats. Paint the first coat, allow to dry completely, then add a second coat. Repeat until you have the coverage desired.

    adding paint to a wood cutting board
  • You will also want to be sure to paint the sides as well as the back for a more finished look. To paint the back, complete the painting on the front before flipping over to repeat the same procedure on the back. Once all of your paint has dried, carefully remove the painter’s tape.

    painted handles on wood bread boards
  • The bread boards that I am using for this project were unfinished so I also needed to stain the boards themselves. You can skip this step if you are using a finished piece. Please note that if you do stain your boards, they will not be food safe. To stain, use painter’s tape on the handle.

    how to stain a bread board
  • Then brush on a coat of stain with a paintbrush, allow it to sit a few minutes, and wipe away all excess with a rag. Once again, you will want to do this on all sides to get a more finished look. These boards actually have a rough side and a smooth side which gives a completely different look depending on which way you flip them.

    finishing a bread board
  • Allow everything to dry completely then these are ready for display in your kitchen. NOTE: I used products that made mine for display only. I have a few tips below for finding products for cutting boards that you will use in your kitchen.

    painting the handles of cutting boards

Finding Food-Safe Paints and Stains

Yes, you can purchase food-safe options for making painted handle cutting boards if you want to use this project in your kitchen.


The “stains” will actually just seal the wood and not alter the color much. But they are safe for use with food which is perfect for those that want to make or finish a raw wood cutting board.


The best option I have for adding food-safe color is to dye your wood with food coloring. There are not many paints on the market that are marked as “food-safe”. The paint I used above is non-toxic but not rated as food-safe. Dye your wood with the food coloring then seal with one of the food-safe options above.

So, will you make some painted handle cutting boards for your home?

painted handles on a wood cutting board

I have the two I made on display in my kitchen. As you can see, you can use them if the food is placed on something like parchment paper.

using bread boards in a kitchen

I love the contrast of the metallic paint with the rustic wood of these bread boards. But you can use any color that you love on this same project.

painted handle cutting boards

After all, personalizing these painted handle cutting boards is what this project is all about. Y’all enjoy and pick up some paint to make your own project soon!

how to make painted handle cutting boards

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