How to Engrave Aluminum with the Cricut Maker

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Have you at any time preferred to engrave aluminum with the Cricut Maker? Today’s article is all about how to engrave aluminum regardless of whether that be a jewellery blank or just an aluminum sheet. Get your Cricut Maker and the engraving instrument and get started generating your very own customized presents and so considerably a lot more. You genuinely will not believe how effortless this task is!

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Provides essential to engrave on the Cricut Maker:

supplies for engraving aluminum on a cricut

How to Engrave Aluminum with the Cricut Maker

I have the two a video as well as written guidance for engraving just about any aluminum piece with your Cricut Maker.

Engraving Aluminum Movie

To start with, if you would rather enjoy the measures, you can just play the video underneath.

Want to examine about how to engrave aluminum with the Cricut Maker instead? Just retain next alongside below.

Including Aluminum Blanks to the Powerful Grip Mat

Very first, you’ll will need to incorporate your aluminum blank to your strong grip mat. The aluminum blanks that I am employing were pre-painted but if you were heading to use a simple aluminum blank I would propose both spray painting it or utilizing a marker after engraving to make the engraving alone stand out a minor far more.

Be positive to clear away any protective coating from each the front and back again of your piece. Then increase your aluminum blank to the potent grip mat and be positive to place on both the 1“ x 1“ mark at the corner or center on the 1-inch mark. You just want to know exactly where the blank is positioned on the mat in purchase to identify your style in Cricut Style and design Room. You will then want to place masking tape all the way about the outer edge of your blank in order to preserve it from moving even though engraving. Your mat is now all set for your machine.

aluminum blank on cricut mat

Building Your Engraving

Start by creating a minimize file that you want to engrave into your aluminum. You can click here for the lower file that I used or style and design your have. Then click make it in Cricut Structure House. You will see that on the file that I intended that I have the blank drawn as very well as the style and design I want to engrave on to it. That is due to the fact you will need the sq. or the circle form of your blank in buy to identify the engraving on the mat.

To do that, take out the extra engraving off of the first mat. Click the a few dots to pull up the menu and disguise picked to get rid of the 1 you do not want to engrave.

engraving in Cricut Design Space

You just want the just one remaining that you will be working with on your display. Then transfer the blank that is on the 2nd mat to the very first mat so that the blank and the engraving are both of those on the same mat. To do this, decide on it, click on the three dots and click on transfer to another mat.

moving to another mat in Cricut Design Space

You should be still left with the layout you want to engrave and the blank that you want to place it on each located on the exact same mat.

locating objects on mat in Cricut Design Space

Align the blank with the 1-inch mark just like you have it aligned on the mat itself. Then go the engraving to where by it is located precisely how you want it to seem on the blank.

hiding objects in Cricut Design Space

Then conceal the blank itself using the disguise chosen perform so that you only are still left with is the engraving on the mat.

engraving aluminum design for Cricut

Utilizing the Engraving Tip on Aluminum

Now you are completely ready to engrave your aluminum. Increase the engraving suggestion to the housing and set it inside of of your Cricut device. Remember that the engraving suggestion by itself only will work with the Cricut Maker.

engraving tip for cricut maker

Then load the mat with the blank in spot into your equipment and simply click go to engrave your aluminum. Be guaranteed to choose the aluminum setting for chopping. Be sure to don’t forget to go the white wheels all the way to the correct so they do not mark your area.

cricut maker engraving aluminum

This course of action is specifically the exact same for small aluminum sheets as effectively as issues like jewellery blanks.

engraving jewelry on the Cricut Maker

Completing Your Engraving

As soon as full you will want to run masking tape or a lint roller around the aluminum piece to get rid of any debris. Use warning as the aluminum shavings can get into your skin. Then take away the blank from the mat by removing all of the masking tape and peeling back again the mat from the aluminum blank.

using a marker on engraving

For engraving on simple aluminum, be certain to use the marker on it, wait around a couple minutes, and wipe away any extra. This will aid the engraving on these parts to stand out.

how to engrave aluminum with the cricut maker

When you are adding an engraving to a painted piece, you don’t need to do everything even further to it. It is just spectacular correct out of the Cricut Maker.

engraving aluminum with the cricut maker

You have now discovered how to engrave aluminum with the Cricut Maker. Be positive to buy a lot of blanks due to the fact you are going to want to do this once more and once again. It definitely is easy to do but it looks only astounding after finish.

engraved metal on cricut maker

So, have you made use of your engraving tip on any tasks nevertheless? This suggestion has so several employs that it is unquestionably a single that you will need if you very own the Cricut Maker.

Cricut engraving tip used on aluminum

So, now that you can engrave aluminum with the Cricut Maker, what else can you make? Test these other hyperlinks as well!

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